The ‘Inferior’ Woman

Do you ever wonder why men see women so inferior to themselves? Do you ever wonder where it came about that women are weak, frail creatures that need protecting? These are some of the questions I found myself asking after constantly noticing how some men, and even some women, feel the need to overtly express how weak women are. 

Now, I’m only 22 years old and don’t have much experience in life, at least that is what many may argue. However I came up with my own theory of why we as women are put into these tiny boxes of expectations of where our place is and how we should act and what we should do. This would be a good time to point out that many would consider me to be a feminist and with that being said, if you are easily offended by thoughts of women having equal capabilities, or higher, than men maybe this isn’t the blog post for you. Then again, it could do you some good to read and keep an open mind while asking yourself why you believe women are so inferior? 

So let’s begin here….

Why are women viewed as inferior and weak? 

Well maybe it is that women cannot handle control and would run a company or even a country into the ground if given the power. I mean after all, one strong case of PMS and we will just start World War 3. I mean after all look at how well men have been doing. And it isn’t like female leaders have ever shown great leadership. (It may be hard to sense, but there will be a strong use of sarcasm).

Moreover, why wouldn’t we view women as weak?  After all look at how frail looking their bodies are, made only to appeal to the male eye. It’s not like a man couldn’t  handle going through 10 months of their body morphing into something unnoticeable or the extensive pain that goes behind bringing a child into the world regardless of the method, after all look how well they handle a cold. Plus women are such drama Queens when they get injured. Just look a how over dramatic women soccer players are when they are noticeably injured and bleeding yet continue to stay and finish the game. While their male counterparts “take it like a man” when they get bumped and throw themselves to the floor crying in pain. 

Okay, so I’m sure you have noticed the sarcasm by now right? Well now I’ll be more blunt for you. 

My theory that I was mentioning earlier consists of this simple idea… Many years ago, men realized just how equal a woman can be compared to them. And knowing the male ego, these men became afraid of what could happen if women were to realize just how strong and influential they came be when given roles of power. So how did they fix this “problem?” Simple. They created this idea that a woman’s job is solely to care for the home and children. And while women take care of everything in the home, the man will still be given the credit because he provides for the family. Not to mention the idea some cultures have where the man isn’t expected to even lift a finger when it comes to house work. 

Being a mother of two under 2 while working a full time job over night giving me very little sleep during the days I work all while going to school full time, I have come to the realization on just how “weak” us women can be and how “incapable” we are compared to our male counterparts. Well now I’m making a stand to say SCREW YOUR BARBARIC MINDSET! Sure women may not have the same body build as men but look at all our bodies are capable of. We can not only grow life within our womb but also sustain that life once it is born. We are able to endure the pain of labor and love deeper than anyone can only imagine. We are capable of being strong both mentally and physically. 

I don’t know about other moms, but when I doubt my abilities to do something or my own personal strength, I remind myself that I push 2 babies out (one of which I was not medicated for). And I remind myself that I not only work  at night and  take care of my children during the day, but also go to school full-time online. 

Every woman has it in them to be something great! And it is about time that men and even other women, stop doubting all that we are capable of. 
I would love to hear/read your thought on the subject. Please feel free to drop a comment whether you agree or disagree. 


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