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Thoughts From a Millenial 

Growing up I used to believe that my generation would be the one to change the world, or at least the country. Maybe it was the area I grew up in but I never really saw any of my peers treat someone different because of the color of their skin or their religion. As I grew older I would hear stories of peers of mine experiencing different types of discrimination, typically because of the color of their skin. I would be hurt by all the struggles peers and even family members with darker shades than mine would face out in a country that is so diverse. As I got older new forms of discrimination began to surface. These were ones against those that followed Islam or others who didn’t love based on social norm for their gender.

Even at my 22 years I am amazed at all the discrimination and stereotyping there is even with all the knowledge there is today. Maybe it is thanks to my teachers from school, or the way my parents raised me, or maybe even my open mindedness, no matter the case I do not feel any urge to judge somebody based on preferences that cause no harm to anybody.

The way I see it is we are all of the same blood, people are pretty much 99% the same from person to person. That means, that 1% is what makes us look different or feel different. And depending on your culture typically chooses what you believe in. Even looking at religion, when they are all broken down they all have the same values and message.

People are so quick to judge somebody because they are a little different then them or because they choose to not try and understand the other person’s views. Others not only judge those that are different but choose to discriminate against them and stereotype everyone in those “groups” in a negative light.

Let’s go back to the comment I made about my generation. In general from what I’ve noticed through social media of my peers’ views on different societal issues, many can agree to some extent that everyone should be treated equal. Where I feel many fail is that they choose to put others down just to raise themselves up. Social media has made it easier than ever to criticize others because of their views, beliefs, etc. What I don’t understand is that how in a world that is so connected thanks to the Internet, be so disconnected by hatred and discrimination? Rather than spread hatred about groups of people why not promote equality and love?

You would think that by 2016 there would be no grey area when it comes to sexual assault and penalizing those that are perpetrators of it. You would think that in 2016 with all the science to back it up that people would stop thinking that sexual orientation is something that is chosen by the person. You would think that in 2016 with all the access to the Internet there would be less ignorance when it comes to a person’s religious views. You would think that in 2016 new parents would be able to spend the appropriate amount of time to welcome a new child without having to worry about losing their job or income. You would think that in 2016 a mom wouldn’t be shamed for feeding her baby in a public place regardless of the method. You would think that I’m 2016 people would not judge a person by their race or ethnicity or political affiliation. You would think that in 2016 women would get equal pay and not face objections just because of their gender. And the list can go on….

What is my point?

Well, it is our job as millenials to discontinue the pattern of discrimination  and to begin an Era of acceptance. People aren’t born with hatred in their blood. People aren’t born to believe that one person is more inferior to another. What we are born with is the love for our species and the curiosity to learn why people believe or do the things they do. But how can we do that? The answer is simple. Millenials are at the age where we are starting families of our own, we are moving up in our companies, we are becoming the future! It is our job to start leading by example to our children and to teach our children to love and have am open mind. And for us to challenge our superiors and demand equality. I’m not saying run to the streets and start riots but to do it the way so many have done before us to bring about change. You can change the world without destroying property or becoming violent. And don’t let others tell you that it isn’t how things work because I don’t know about you but, those things are not working for me.

I want to be apart of a country, a part of a world, where my daughter can feel safe when she walks down the street and not have to worry about men thinking they can get away with assaulting her. I want my son to be able to follow his dreams and not have to worry about people thinking of him aways less than a man because of it. I want my children to know that house work and caring for children is shared between man and wife. I want my children to feel comfortable for who they are and where they come from. I want my children to stand up to bullies and discrimination of others.But most importantly, I want my children to grow up in a world where love is more dominant than hate. Where acceptance is superior to segregation. Where everyone is seen as equals no matter what shade of brown their skin is or what God they worship or if they worship a God. Where it is okay to love who you want without society shaming you for it*.
*I mean sexual orientation or sexual identity. Not pedophilia-that is not okay and will NEVER be okay. A child can not consent to any form of adult-like love.*


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